Darts Of Fury Hack – Gems and Coins Cheats 2018

Darts of Fury is an amazing dart game, which is designed for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Developed by Yakuto, the game is extremely addictive and is enjoyed by more than 2 million users across the globe. The game is very popular due to its unique gameplay and cool graphics as it displays the classic dart game to all players. If you are a dart board lover then this game is highly recommended for you as you can try your luck in playing darts at the tip of your fingers also when it get’s difficult also try our Darts Of Fury Hack.

Darts Of Fury Hack

Some of the important highlights, which will induce you into playing the game:

Easy Controls:

The game is very easy to play; all you need to do is just swipe your dart with your fingers towards the board. The effortless controls has made the game playable among users of all age group as you do not need special skills; just some finger work and you are good to go!

Free To Play:

The game is free to download and play on both Android and iOS platforms, which means you don’t have to pay even a single dime to play and enjoy the game. If you wish to play, then all you need is an Android or an iOS device, also if you want more Coins and Gems, you can use our Darts Of Fury Hack.

Multilanguage Interface:

The game’s interface has 11 different languages, which include English, Turkish, French, Japanese, etc. Due to this feature, lots of players across the globe are induced into playing the game.

Player Vs. Player Battles:

In this game mode, players are matched against other online players for a dual dart match. The rules are simple; you have to score points by throwing darts at the board and the person to score the exact score will be the winner. The best part of the game is that winners and losers are awarded with Coins on completion of the match. So, all you need to do is just keep on playing without worrying about the outcome of the match.

Multiplayer League Mode:

The game features different leagues where each league has different level of difficulty. In the beginning, players are placed in Sparrow League and they can progress to better leagues by earning Experience Points. Each successive league helps in unlocking different Darts, Flights, and brings out tougher challenges to complete. Player has to defeat lots of opponents in the multiplayer duel in order to reach the legendary Eagle League.

Time Trial Mode:

The game also has a time trial mode, which is meant for players who are good at playing darts. You have to score as much points as possible by shooting innumerable darts before the time runs out. The player to score maximum points at the end of the match will be declared as the winner of the game.

Social Networking:

You can play with different players across the globe, and this feature helps in making new friends. You can also login to the game by using your social networking account in order to get one-time sign up bonus as well as daily bonus. You can even challenge your existing friends for a quick game of darts and compete with them anytime you wish.

Unique Arenas:

The game has different battle arenas ranging from isolated boards to crowd packed arenas. In these arenas, you have to compete with other online players to show your supremacy.

Upgrades And Collectibles:

The game features different darts and flights, which you can use in order to improve your aim. The better dart you use better will be the chances of defeating your enemies! The game also features ShotBot, which guides you to the safest points on the board so that you don’t bust out. You can also customize your darts by choosing from different customization options that are available in the game.

Training Mode:

The game features a Training mode, which allows you to play trial shots so that you can play accurate shots whenever required. Training helps you in planning your shots so that you can score maximum points in the time trial mode and score the required points in classic mode.

The game can be complicated at times as the challenges become increasingly difficult when you reach advanced levels. If you want to enjoy the game then you should concentrate more on acquiring loads of in-game currencies. Money is life and blood of the game as you need money in order to purchase new darts and flights. There are basically two types of currencies in the game, which are Coins and Gems. Let’s discuss more about these currencies and the various methods of earning them!


They are the primary game currency, which can be used to buy different upgrades after you level up in the game. You can also spend Coins for playing training sessions. It is very easy to earn Coins in the game as you can earn them by winning various matches. You are also awarded Coins on graduating to a new league. Third way is to use Darts Of Fury Hack.


They are the premium currency, which can give you an edge in the game. You can use Gems in order to purchase rewind power during the game or to purchase Tokens. Rewind power gives you another chance at playing your shot, which means if you bust during the game then you can purchase rewind for another go. It is difficult to earn Gems as they are only awarded to the players on completion of certain achievements in the game. If you want easy gems then simply use Darts Of Fury Hack.

Purchase Currencies From Game Store:

If you want to gain an edge and defeat your opponents in the game then you can also purchase in-game currencies from the game menu. If you want to purchase these currencies then make sure you purchase bigger packs as it is much cheaper as you are buying them in bulk. Also, keep tabs for bundle packs and special offers and then plan your purchase accordingly. If you don’t want to spend your money then definitely try our Darts Of Fury Cheats.


They are required in order to play matches in the game. Each match that you play will cost you one Token. They are automatically regenerated over time with a maximum amount of 3 Tokens. Alternatively, you can also earn free Tokens by watching promotional videos in the game. They can even be earned in the form of rewards in the game, or you can choose to buy Tokens by spending Gems.

Daily Rewards:

If you want to earn easy money in the game then make sure you login every day so that you can claim daily rewards. Even if you do not get enough time to play the game, make sure you login at least once a day to claim your reward. Also, the daily rewards get better by signing into the game consecutively.

Achievement Menu:

Make sure you keep tabs of the achievement menu in order to check the new objectives in line. Once you are aware of the objectives then strive towards achievement of these objectives in order to earn better rewards.

To conclude, it doesn’t matter whether you are a dart enthusiast or someone who is playing dart game for the first time as these tips will surely help you in beating your opponents. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the Darts Of Fury game and get ready for hours of fun-filled experience also don’t forget to give a shot to our Darts Of Fury hack!


Darts Of Fury Hack